Shadaya Says Real Men Don’t Carry Babies On Their Back

A video of a father carrying his baby on his back in public has caused a stir on social media.

The ladies have been blasted by Zimbabwe’s love doctor Shadaya for matching the scenario with qualities of a perfect man.

On the other hand, some critics have regarded it as the works of a love spell cast on him by his wife.

Here is what he had to say:

“A trending video on Zimcelebs of a father carrying a child on his back & as expected all the wom£n in the comment section are calling him a “real man.” That’s how wom£n manipulate men into accepting & doing stup!d sh!t. A father is NOT a second mother!!!

This is the problem with today’s generation, overmothered & under fathered. A father has his own roles in a ch!ld’s life & it’s definitely not changing diapers, carrying the ch!ld on his back, infact baby sitting isn’t for a father….

A father should have a less role in a child’s life in the early stages because that’s the mother’s role NURTURING, he plays a bigger part after the toddler phase, MENTORING the ch!ld. A mother comforts the ch!ld & a father prepares the ch!ld for discomfort, all important roles…

Stop this nonsense of being pussifi£d in the name of “real man” that “daddy duties” bs. Your duty is to provide, protect & mentor your ch!ldren & believe it, your ch!ldren will not only have respect for you but turn out to be well functioning adults. Learn or perish!!!”

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