Sebastien Summerfield Happy After FIFA Lifts Zim Suspension

Former Zimbabwe national Under-20 midfielder Sebastien Summerfield says he is excited over Zimbabwe’s readmission to the international football community.

Speaking in an interview with Soccer24, the Harare-born 21-year-old star, who was part of the Young Warriors squad which took part in the COSAFA U-20 championship in South Africa in December 2020, said Zimbabwe’s suspension by FIFA was a major setback for young players. He said:

The suspension was really one of the most tough things especially for us young players, as we played our last competitive game in December 2020.

We were the last youth team to play, due to the fact that we went to COSAFA (Youth Championship) in 2020, with the likes of Bill Antonio, Tino Muringai, Kelvin Mangiza and so many other amazing players.

I was 18 at then, and I’m now 21, which means I missed some U20 caps and now have to look for caps in the U23 or senior team.

He said that after missing out on accumulating U20 caps, his target is now playing for the U23 and the Warriors senior team. Said Summerfield:

The lifting of the suspension, for young players, is monumental. At my age, I aspire to play for the national team, that is what I’m aspiring to do and I’m going to work as hard as I can.

I’m gonna “di€ for the badge” and I’m gonna die for the Warriors because for me, there is nothing more I would like to do, than making it into the Warriors team and making everyone proud.

Those are the aspirations that am pushing and that I’m striving towards them because that is what I want to.

My biggest goal in life is not to play in the Premier League, the top leagues, or the UEFA Champions League, my biggest dream is to play for the Warriors.

I’m so passionate about the Warriors and I’m so passionate about the people in Zimbabwe.

I want to use that emotion and passion I have to work hard and prove to everyone that football can unite a nation, whether you are of a different skin color, religion or culture.

We are all for one thing —that is the love of the game.

Summerfield was born and raised in Newlands, one of Harare’s affluent suburbs.

He attended Harare International School, one of the most expensive secondary schools in the country.

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