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“Sasko My Love”: Lady’s ‘Mixed Race Bread’ Has Mzansi Cracking Jokes: Video

A woman took to TikTok after buying strange-looking Sasko bread. The babe’s reaction to seeing the strange loaf left many people screaming. People commented on the post, trying to figure out why the lady’s bread looked weird.

TikTok users thought the bread was trying to embody South Africa as a rainbow nation.

A TikTok creator, @kokie_moloto, revealed that she bought white bread with chunks of brown bread in the corners.

Watch the video below:

People were interested to see the bread and her reaction had them in tears

.Peeps love seeing odd food. Many people could not find a reason why the bread came the way it did and joked that the bread was trying to be racially ambiguous.

Kojang_T commented:

“Against racism and stuff.”

Itsnotmonde commented:

“Rainbow nation bread for real.”

Freeze o lit commented:

“Ke le coloured.”

Cara Van Niekerk787 commented:

“Birth mark.”

Yanda_2k commented:

“Sinkwa sama coloured.”

baggy.huuuu commented:

“This is what Mandela fought for.”

Zuki Lamani

“‘Sasko my love. Sasko my dhiye.'”

Zoleka Zoe Nzimande commented:

“An illustration of ‘resquezeng in’.”

Vuyo Vee Gaca commented:

“Mixed race bread.”

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