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Rugby player Lloyd Taurai Mudzvova Physically Assulted His Girlfriend

Lloyd Taurai Mudzvova, a former rugby player has been exposed for beating up his girlfriend and throwing her out of a moving car.

Mudzvova beat up his girlfriend identified as Trish Chinhau after she confronted him for cheating .This did not go down well with him which resulted in him then beating her up and throwing her out of a moving vehicle.

She only received help from a good samaritan who was passing by who then took her to the hospital then to her flat.

A report was made at Malbereign police station [ rrb # 5401117 ] but no arrests have been made yet.  In screenshots obtained by Zimcelebs , Chidzvova admitted to beating her up and called himself a monster and begged for forgiveness.

Here is what he wrote :

“Good morning babe just been thinking about all of this none stop and how much I hurt the best girlfriend in the world.      I am a monster. I hurt you badly. I am hurt baby. I do realize though it isn’t close to the hurt you must have felt from the pain I caused emotionally, physically and mentally.      I promised to hold and cherish your heart like any boyfriend should. But I did the opposite. I truly apologize baby. I am truly sorry. I want to be a better man for myself, for you and for our kids.      I wish one day to again have this heart I have damaged so badly. Have it open up and forgive this foolish guy who took so long to see the pain and hurt he caused.      But, it may not. It’s your heart’s choice. One that will not happen overnight. It may not even happen in time but eventually we going to be on thr same page.

You have forgave me but your heart will never forget.      I understand that. No words can cure what I have done. My actions will. I will cherishe your heart and soul.      I will prove to you that I do deserve it. I love you Trish. I really do. We will take it day by day. I am here I am not going anywhere. I want u in my life forever”. He texted


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