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Rimbi & Zebra Kiss Shuttle Services Suspended

What started as a pre race pep talk fuelled by touts as the long distance buses, Rimbi Travel and Tours (PVT) Ltd and Tashlly Investments (PVT) Ltd trading as Zebra Kiss, faced off at a bus terminus as revealed through a video circulating online has ended in tears.

This is after the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development For Operational Development, Hon F.T Mhona issued a statement today on the suspension of the licences for operation of all their buses.

For context:

The two long distance buses bound for the same direction caused commotion in the social media circles, after Rimbi bus failed to negotiate for overtaking space from Zebra Kiss.

According to a video seen by Afrogazette in which one passenger captured the whole incident, it ended in tragedy after the Zebra Kiss driver turned a deaf ear to Rimbi’s driver who sounded his hooter indicating that he wanted to overtake.

Unfortunately, Zebra Kiss did not pave way as it occupied the dual lanes.

This went on till suddenly without warning the Zebrakiss driver overtook a tipper in the same lane.

Since Rimbi was at close range, it crashed into the tipper leading to the death of the bus conductor.

Several passengers were injured from the accidents with pictures circulating online revealing a male passenger whose leg was cut off.

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