Reasons Why Holy Ten & Kimberly Marriage Won’t Last Over 5 Years

Self appointed relationship coach,Tawona Knight Shadaya has given bullet points to why the blossoming union between Kimberly Richards and Holy Ten will not last past five years.

According to Shadaya, Kimberly is an “IT” girl, otherwise known as a gold digger, and in line with It Gilrs’  track record, the couple won’t last past five years.

Marrying an “IT” girl never ends well As MacG said no one in their right mind marries “IT” girls When you marry an “IT” girl, it’s NOT: “Till d€ath do us apart” BUT: “Till money or fame runs out” 5yrs max age, of such marriages Don’t try to turn a ho3 into a housewife

He added;

As a man, if you don’t yet understand that a w0man’s value is in her past & that marrying a refurbished ho3, when you’ve achieved some level of financial success or fame, then you’ve earned your right to be fxcked, cause you will be. Only a matter of WHEN not IF. Learn or perish!

You lot come here & accuse me of being a h8ter, when you don’t even have the facts. Here are the facts: -she is a single mom. Yes she is, why try to succeed were another man failed. The baby daddy will always be in the picture. And your 1st child is her 2nd child

He also said that Kimberly was married against cultural norms which also dooms the union.

her own mother is also a single mom. Don’t you see a pattern here. How can sh€ make a good wife when sh€ never saw her own mother being one -she got married at her sekuru’s place (hanzvadzi ya mai, excluding her paternal relatives) That’s a taboo in African culture

So let’s be honest, if any of you would be okay, be it a relative or friend, to marry such a woman & into such a family? We all know the answer to that, so yes I’m cool being called a h8ter speaking facts. Learn OR perish!!!

Ten married Kimberly yesterday and is said to have paid US$15 000 according to social media reports.

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