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Reasons Why African Women Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads are accessories won by African women who desire to feel feminine. They are made of beads that are sewn to a string and worn around the waist.

These handmade accessories come in different sizes and colors some of them contain charms that make many men frown upon them because some men believe that women use them to enslave them and empty their wallets. Here are reasons why women wear the beads:

Provoke Desire

Waist beads make women feel sensual, and attractive and make them s€xually appealing. Women use them to provoke s£xual desires from their men. Some beads have bells that rattle hence announcing to their men that they desire §exy time.

Another surprising reason why African women living abroad wear waist beads is to connect with their ancestors who were sold into slavery! African women overseas also wear waist beads to show off their heritage and celebrate their culture.

Improving Body Posture

Waist beads are for women who want to be self-aware of their sitting posture and stomach size. Beads act as a reminder for women when to sit upright so that their stomachs don’t pop out.

Weight Watch

Waist beads act as a watch weight especially for women who are tired of wearing waist trainers. The beads sit on the hips and when they start climbing up to the stomach women can know that they have added weight.


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