Rapper Holy Ten Bashed For Endorsing ED

Netizens have fired salvos at hip hop chanter Holy Ten calling him a selfish opportunist while unanimously stripping him of the title ‘leader of the youth’ after he endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the general elections.

In a video making rounds on social media, Holy Ten, real name Mukudzei Chitsama, is seen applauding projects undertaken by Mnangagwa in the past five years.

Contrary to what the hip hop artist says, economically, the ZWL has however struggled to stay afloat under Mnangagwa’s administration.

The ZWL free fall saw basic commodity prices skyrocketing as the government struggled to control market forces.

The Zanu PF leader has been accused of violating human rights, weaponizing the law to silence critics and using repressive state apparatus to close the civic spaces and liberties.

However, according to Holy Ten developments at the Beitbridge border post and Robert Mugabe International Airport are evidence enough to warrant Mnangagwa another term in office.

“Over the weekend we were in Beitbridge. We saw the developments that are being done at the border post, totally out of this world. We have been in and out of the airport, things are changing,” Holy Ten says in the viral video.

“There is money that has been availed under the drug and substance abuse mitigation funds, so this is for the youth this is the change.

“We want to thank the comrade himself, President Mnangagwa. We are supporting you, we are with you,” he added.

Social media however did not hold back with many questioning the logic behind Holy Ten’s video, given the majority of youths are unemployed.

Unemployment has been one of the contributing factors that led to many youths engaging in drug and substance abuse across the country, which ironically according to Holy Ten, Mnangagwa is now addressing.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono did not hold back.

“Always knew that he was an idiot,” said Chin’ono on X formerly Twitter.

Another user by the name of Qurantina added: “He is no leader of the youth, he is a leader of fools.”

One user, Futurist called the hip hop artist a failure.

“A definition of a failure. He thinks of himself only,” Futurist said.

Other Twitter users were quick to dismiss the young artist saying he was just an opportunist who should be held accountable for “enabling the system”.

“After the elections, this fool will be quiet. All those opportunist artists should be held accountable for supporting Zanu PF and involving themselves in propaganda, as they have contributed to the suffering of our people,” Nelson Wabantu commented on Twitter.


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