Pupils abscond lessons after satanism scare

Day scholars at Magama Secondary School in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province are protesting by absconding lessons in fear of a teacher who is alleged to be initiating them into Satanism.


Last month, B-Metro carried an article detailing how pupils were suffering from a mysterious ailment that left them unable to walk which is suspected to have been as a result of Satanic rituals. The pupils were said to have been attacked by mysterious creatures on their way home from school.


The village head of the Ntulani line in the Mananzwa area, Vincent Hadebe said they were worried about this incident because these knee handicap cases were escalating daily.


“We are worried about the lives of our children because nothing is being done to deal with this issue, the school authorities are silent about this and our children are refusing to attend classes.


“The students are now running away from school and this ailment is now affecting the boarders, some students start manifesting as soon as they enter the class. When they manifest they scare their classmates,” said Hadebe.


Hadebe said parents of children who have been affected by the condition had tried protesting against the school authorities.


“The parents of the students have tried organising a protest against the school authorities and we have tried to stop them and use the right channels to communicate about this challenge but all our efforts have been in vain,” said Hadebe.


The village head said they were holding an all-night prayer to try and deal with the case of suspected Satanism.


“We have engaged the Pentecostal churches to try and deal with this issue. There is an all-night prayer that has been organised and we hope that it will be effective in dealing with this challenge,” said Hadebe.


The headman added there were suspicions that the alleged teacher sells food which is believed to be the way she lures pupils into Satanism.


“I understand that this teacher is selling food and l believe that this is how she manages to initiate the students into Satanism,” said Hadebe.


He pleaded with the authorities to help them in dealing with the problem that is faced by the pupils.


“We request that the higher authorities come to our aid because as it is we feel let down as nothing has been done so far to deal with this problem and the poor children continue to suffer,” he said.


Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education communication and advocacy director Taungana Ndoro said they were aware of the incident.


“The Matabeleland North office is aware of the incident and will be taking the necessary measures to bring back sanity to the school. I do not have the finer details but we are aware of the incidents at that particular school.”  B Metro


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