Prophet Makandiwa Speaks On His High-End BMW 7-Series: ‘If It Was Expensive I Wouldn’t Have Bought It’

The streets have been on fire recently after Makandiwa was spotted rolling in his maroon high-end BMW 7-series, becoming the first one to own such a luxurious car in Zimbabwe.

The wagging of tongues has continued after he replied via a jaw dropping sermon at a UFIC church service to the allegations that he bought ‘expensive’ wheels.

Here is what he had to say;

“Someone came to me and said, how do l reply if asked about what l think of our prophet who buys an expensive car? Then l said if l have to tell you what to say. You are not the right person to defend me. I would rather have that person ask me.

….I have never in my life bought an expensive car, if it was expensive, l wouldn’t have bought it. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. I have never bought a cheap house or car, if it was expensive l wouldn’t have managed to buy the car.

…The problem is it’s expensive to you. It’s your money you want to use to buy what l have bought. The term expensive is in your vocabulary not mine.

…I’m smart enough to know when a product is expensive and l won’t buy it because l can’t. Have l stopped paying fees for my kids because l have bought an expensive house?? So where is that word expensive coming from.

…Can someone tell me? How much does a shoe which we call expensive cost? An expensive phone costs how much? The one which you can’t afford?

….When we see you with an airtime deficient iPhone 14 in your pockets whilst your lips are dry because of hunger, that’s what we call expensive.

…Why bother about someone’s pocket??

…What people think is we only preach. No we also have other hustles. A lot of products to sell. Where there are problems there is money.”

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