Property Reduced To Ashes After House Catches Fire In Harare

A HARARE family was left counting losses Wednesday after their house caught fire due to a suspected electrical fault that thousands worth of goods.

A Sunningdale family is still shell-shocked by Wednesday’s events, glaring at some of its property that was reduced to ashes.

Neighbours rushed to the house in a desperate attempt to rescue some of the property that was in the house.

In a usual manner, the City of Harare fire brigade reported late to the house with neighbours resorting to alternative means of containing the fire.

According to the owner, Jonah Mugaviri, a fire started in one of the house’s rooms after load shedding had ended in the area.

“I was at work when I was told that the house was on fire. It was in the afternoon and no one was in the house. Our neighbours are the ones who saw the fire starting and alerted the community who helped contain the fire waiting for the fire brigade.

“Clothes, fridge, academic certificates, and other goods were burnt down by the fire. This incident happened when no one was inside and for that, we are grateful we would be in mourning if there were people inside the house,” Mugaviri told NewZimbabwe.com.

When NewZimbabwe.com visited the house the family was removing debris with part of it roofless.

“With the roof, we are now starting afresh. As you can see much was burnt down by the fire. Neighbours are coming in handy with goods and some clothes as some were burnt,” said Mugaviri further.

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