ZIMBABWEAN education advocate, Varaidzo Kativhu, says Prince Harry is “one of the sweetest people” after co-hosting the prestigious Diana Awards 2023 with the Duke of Essex at the weekend.

As a two-time recipient of the prestigious Diana Award, Varaidzo continues to make a profound impact within the education sector, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams and make positive changes in society.

Varaidzo, serving as co-host alongside Prince Harry, brought her unwavering determination and passion for education to the forefront.

Her presence, combined with Prince Harry’s, ensured that the voices and achievements of youth advocates were amplified and celebrated throughout the ceremony.

“It’s such a dream to be able to do this with him, he is one of the sweetest people and I’m truly so excited, we did a great job if I do say so myself.

“I feel honored to have my efforts advocating for the access to education for underrepresented or underprivileged groups recognised.

“Every time things like this happen, it helps give my work a stamp of recognition which helps me reach more people and, most importantly, to reach those who can help.

“I’m just so grateful to be able to step into rooms like this and always to bring my full self,” she said.

The Diana Awards, established in memory of the late Princess Diana, are presented annually to young individuals aged 9-25 years, who demonstrate exceptional commitment and dedication, to making positive changes in their communities.


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