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Presenter Butterphly In Frantic Search Of Stolen Phone

Former Big Brother Africa housemate, Tariro Mharapara populary known as Butterphly has shared her dismay on social media after revealing that she couldn’t find her mobile phone assuming it had been stolen.

In a Facebook rant, the radio and television personality revealed that she lost her phone on Friday which holds important documents and is reaching out to the alleged culprit for it’s return.

She explained in a series of posts the pain of losing her mobile phone and efforts to retrieve it.

In view of her 116K followers, Butterphly said;

“To the person who stole my phone…The picture below is the one on my wallpaper. Its one of the first i took when i got the phone as a gift over a year ago. I don’t have a lot of money so replacing the phone you took is next to impossible. I have important unreleased projects in this phone you took. Projects that can not be redone. I also have memories of moments that can never be replicated. You made me cry today when you stole my phone. You made me feel so helpless. You made me ask God if there was something i did yesterday that made him angry. Or perhaps it’s something i did today… See, these are all silly thoughts i now have to ask myself and i feel like such a fool. I’m still crying as i write this and thinking if this letter is necessary at all.   Please find it in your heart to return my phone.

Most sincerely, Tariro.”

The media pundit had a hard time venting out as fans reacted.

One quiqqed, ” It’s just a phone.”

She went on to say;

“I  know God loves me and will never put me in a situation i will not rise better from. I also know this post is very dramatic and not something i usually post. I also know that “It’s just a phone” but i really needed to get this off my chest so i can be ok with whatever outcome that comes from this.”

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