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Popular Dancehall Artist Winky D’s Imposter Confesses

As if a gun was pointed to his loins, Winky D’s impersonator shook the internet after a video of him confessing is making rounds online.

He made a living from playing the role of being the artist’s relative using the name Kudakwashe Chirumiko and fan page identified as Vigilance Musiq.

The imposter has successfully portrayed Wallace Chirumiko’s (Winky D) relative and has gained a massive following with the addition of gifts such as cars, clothes and money directed to Winky D.

Below is the whole confession and full details from the horse’s mouth;

“Ndaishandisa kuti Kudakwashe Chirumiko pa Facebook nemamwe ma platforms nekuti Vigilance Musiq.   …Ndaka frauder vanhu.Im a fraudstar. Ndaka frauder Moureen, ndakamutorera mota, ma suit ne mari zvandaiti ndichanopa Winky D.

…I’m not related to Winky D. Handina hukama na Winky Dee. Ndiri munhu anongofarira Winky Dee. Handizivane naye. Handisati ndambosangana naye.

…Ndokumbira ruregerero kuna Banda, Moureen Manongwa nekuna Winky Dee, nema ninja ese mundiregerero.

….Hamuchazoone ma platforms ese iwayo futi, ekuti Kudakwashe Chirumiko Vigilance Music. Handichazviite zvekare ndakuzvisiya nhasi.”

As always, Winky D is so far silent about it, only his fans are holding the whistle.

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