Polygamist diaries: Husband to pay for three wives’ plastic surgery

Three women have revealed they are willing to go under the knife for their partner – who is the same man.


The romance started in 2016 when married couple Mazayah and Stephanie split, The Sunreports.


Shortly after they separated, Mazayah started to date Rose but struggled to stay monogamous.


Though the tumultuous relationship continued, Stephanie, Rose and Mazayah eventually became a throuple.


“We decided to bring other women into our life when we split apart. We were just like, let’s get another girlfriend because [Stephanie] is bis£xual so we were like let’s do it,” explained Mazayah to Truly’s Love Don’t Judge.


However, there has been yet another addition within the last year.


“Dezayah added the last little piece of fun and excitement that we needed,” Rose gushed about their partner – who joined them seven months ago.


As well as sharing the same man, the women live together with Mazayah and have an incredibly close bond – insisting that jealousy is not an issue.


In fact, the ladies even call themselves ‘sister wives’ and wear colour co-ordinated outfits to show their devotion to each other.


While it seems like they’ve found happiness, their polyamorous relationship has come under intense criticism – even from their loved ones.


“My friends and my family were iffy about the relationship,” revealed Dezayah, saying: “They were taken back because it’s not the social norm.


“That didn’t really stop me though … it didn’t really affect how I feel about anybody in the relationship,” she added.


Having also opened up about their love online, commenters have noticed a major red flag: the group’s obsession with their appearance.


Not only do the women wear sultry outfits on Instagram, but they are also planning to have plastic surgery.


In the short documentary, they revealed their planned procedures with Stephanie and Dezayah wanting breast enhancements while Rose will have a bum lift.


Mazayah has actively encouraged the women to go under the knife, even drawing what he thought was the ‘perfect body’ for each of his wives.


“I do encourage plastic surgery only because it does make the women’s appearance look better and make her have higher self esteem …” he admitted to Truly, saying that he will also pay for the procedures.


He also has extremely high standards for their appearance, with the women regularly working out by lifting weights and doing yoga.


Unsurprisingly, there’s been intense backlash online about the group’s alternative love story.


On social media, they regularly receive cruel comments such as ‘I can just smell the low self-esteem!’ or ‘She came back as a side chick to her own baby daddy’.

Despite this, Mazayah insists that their relationship has never been stronger and told Truly: “It’s funny because we’ve probably been in a poly relationship longer than most monogamous relationships.”


His wife Rose also echoed this, adding: “People may think that Mazayah is trying to control us because of the dynamic that they don’t understand, but they are not in our relationship.”


This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.


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