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Police Officer St£als US$30 From Station

A police officer stationed at Nyamapanda police station will spend the holidays behind bars after appearing before Mutoko Magistrate, Terrence Mashaire, in a case in which he is accused of stealing US$30 that he received while on duty.

Jacob Chaeruka (40), allegedly hid the receipts at his home before failing to hand over the keys to the charge office and holding cells when he handed over duty to his colleague.

Prosecutor Chipo Munemero said on August 8, 2023, at the Zimbabwe Republic Police Nyamapanda station in Mudzi, Chaeruka was manning the charge office.

He received two payments of US$15, which he receipted on two separate copies.

At 2100 hours, the accused knocked off duty and failed to write down items he had taken over to hand over to one Constable Tutsirayi

The money and keys were all subjects to handover but he failed to do so to one Constable Tutsirayi.

Constable Tutsirayi reported the matter to his superior Assistant Inspector Kugotsi who interviewed the accused who in turn, failed to account for the money and keys.

He was escorted to his house by Assistant Inspector Kugotsi, Constable Mpofu and Constable Muroyiwa for a search, which was conducted and two blue copies of the receipts were recovered from the front pocket of the riot trousers that he was wearing when he reported for duty on August 8, 2023.

He will be back in court on August 17, 2023, after failing to pay a US$50 bail.




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