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Police Constable Arr€sted After Seen In CCC Crowd Chanting ‘Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana’

A NKAYI based ZRP Constable identified as H Masimbe has been arrested after he was seen attending Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa’s Nesigwe rally and excitedly chanting party slogans from within the crowd.

This happened on Wednesday.

According to a police summary of his attendance and subsequent arrest, Masimbe lied to colleagues who saw him at Nesigwe Growth Point by indicating that he had come for certain documents yet secretly wearing a yellow t-shirt, under a blue jacket.

Masimbe proceeded to remove the jacket upon joining multitudes attending Chamisa’s rally, against ZRP’s Code of Conduct and Police Act.

He was seen chanting the popular CCC slogan Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana, with the police memo seen by NewZimbabwe. com indicating he cheered Chamisa on by shouting ‘Icho icho uyo mukomana apinda.’

“Whilst at the rally the defaulter removed the jacket covering his yellow t-shirt and was seen following the convoy of Chamisa chanting ‘Icho icho uyo mukomana apinda’ literally meaning ‘that one, that one, the young man has arrived’ pointing two fore-fingers upwards, a symbol associated with CCC’s slogan.

“He went on chanting ‘Ngaapinde Mukomana ngaapinde,’ literally meaning, ‘Should enter, young man should enter.’

“The defaulter was also observed clapping hands acknowledging the speech being delivered by Chamisa and by so doing contravened the said Act,” reads the police report.

Chamisa has maintained that he enjoys a massive following from State Security agencies, most of which the CCC leader claims are abused in barring some of his activities.

Masimbe’s conduct comes barely a month after another rural area-based officer, an Assistant Inspector from Chirumanzu unexpectedly stood up to Zanu-PF legislator Barbra Rwodzi’s bullying.

He has since been transferred to an outpost in Shurugwi where he was yet to report.

-New Zimbabwe’



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