PICTURES: Woman Faints At The Inauguration

An unidentified woman, who had fainted outside the National Sports Stadium, fell off a stretcher she was on as @ZrcsRed personnel tried to push it over VIP gate number 24.

Security services manning the entrance were delaying to unlock it.

An unidentified woman standing outside the stadium suddenly fainted at President ED Mnangagwa’s inauguration.

Quick-thinking members of the Zimbabwe Red Cross immediately rushed to her aid.

However, when they attempted to enter the stadium via VIP gate number 24, they encountered resistance from security personnel who refused to unlock the gate.

Undaunted, the Red Cross team decided to lift the stretcher, with the woman on it, and skillfully maneuvered it over the gate. Unfortunately, during this process, she briefly slipped from the stretcher.

The Red Cross personnel acted swiftly, placing her back on the stretcher, and successfully transported her over the gate, ensuring her safety.

As of the time of this report, the woman’s condition remains unknown.

-ZW News-

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