PICTURES: Man Loses His Sanity After Betting Went Wrong

The most bizarre sports betting scandal has rocked the capital after a man suddenly showed signs of mental illness in a suspected case of gambling gone wrong.

According to sources, in an inability to handle a betting aftermath, a Harare gambler is suspected to have ‘lost his mind’ after the result went as unplanned.

Pictures show him stripping all his clothes off as he starts wandering in his birth suit at a local MWOS sport betting venue.

Mostly,  betting is as a result of the desire for high living, particularly in cases where one will be financially unstable or would want to have some side income to commensurate their salaries.

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  1. Gambling did not cause his insanity, but it had been a coping mechanism for him.
    All addictions are coping mechanisms for underlying mental disorders, but the irony is that they only cause the disorders to deteriorate further into more severe situations.

    Mental health practitioners can help alleviate such mental health issues.

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