Peter Dewa Gives His Two Cents On Levels & Shashl’s Controversy

After a weeks-long drama of Levels and Shashl, the jury yesterday finally reached a verdict in the exes’ case with the rape allegations filleted.

Back in the real world, musician and comedian Peter Dewa Moyo, the deceased Tongai Moyo’s son gave his own thoughts focusing more attention on the celebrity couple’s post-court picture which caught the public’s attention.

“Hakuna angatipesanisa panyika never never. Panodzurwa chivharangozi poitwa zvazviri vibes musapindire, look at those eyes…Ini ndakati ndiri pa scene na Loraine ndobva anditi Tomingo ndikangoti hah… chokwadi dzevakadzurana chivharangozi musapindire…,” says Peter.

The musician put a stamp on how hard it is to solve issues of people with a sexual connection on court level fitting this theory into his relationship with Lorraine Guyo.

Dewa insinuates that you don’t have to be in court to know how the relationship script goes, suggesting the couple could have solved the matter through another sex therapy.

What makes this worthy of wider attention has been the reaction online.

The overwhelming verdict of the public appears to be siding with Dewa junior that the celebrity couple’s case was not worth court attention.

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