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Party Members Fight Over Parking Spoils

TWO Zanu PF members appeared yesterday before Harare Magistrate Sharon Mashavira after fighting at Mbare Msika bus terminus over money they received for a parking bay allegedly belonging to the ruling party.

Timothy Zivanai was being accused by his workmate Chido Chada, of physical and verbal abus£.

Zivanai told the court that Chada was his junior as he was the foreman.

He accused Chada of causing a rift between them when she became selfish with money meant for a number of people who are Zanu PF supporters.

“We were asked to share money that is paid by motorists at the parking bay at Mbare Musika. She is the one who collects the money,” said Zivanai.

“She has not been giving me and the other beneficiaries our shares hence I confronted her. She started insulting me, saying that because I am HIV positive, the medication was messing up my reasoning capacity.”

Conversely Chada told Mashavira that Zivanai was a bully.

She accused him of calling her a prostitute, choking her and hiring a gang to harass her.

“Your worship, this man has disturbed my peace for a long time. He behaves as if he is the owner of the party and sole beneficiary of the party. He wants everyone to fear him because of his political affiliation, yet we both belong to the same party. I have never insulted him, but he comes and disturbs my peace everyday,” she submitted.

Mashavira ordered the defendant to stop harassing, physically and verbally abus!ng the applicant.


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