Parents clash with school over fees top-up

PARENTS at Houghton Park Primary School are in disagreement with the school’s administration over school fees top-up.

The school has set a condition that students whose parents do not pay an additional US$20 will not be allowed to write mid-year exams.

While the parents acknowledge the importance of paying school fees, they have taken issue with the administration’s approach.

They claim the school has not disclosed the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s letter approving US dollar payments and top-ups.

The Ministry has called on parents who cannot afford to pay before the deadline to discuss payment plans with the school’s administration.

Speaking to H-Metro, one parent said the US$20 fees top-up was not a big issue, but the condition the school has given parents is not good.

“All parents want the best for their children and as parents, we try by all means to maintain the standard of the school. However, the school administration’s approach is wrong.

“Not everyone can afford to pay that money in the time they gave us. We feel what the school is doing is against the law,” said the parent.

Another parent said the school should show them the ministry’s letter approving the top-up.

“They just want to fleece us of our hard-earned money. If top-ups are to be done, they should vary according to the official bank rate.”

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, encouraged parents to approach the school to make a payment plan.

“Parents who cannot immediately afford to pay in time need to engage administration for a payment plan. This way, no child will miss the mid-year examinations,” he said.


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