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Outcry As Teacher Gets Fired For Beating Deputy Head Who Had Grabbed His Wife’s Breasts

A teacher has been relieved of his duties after he attacked his deputy headmaster who had grabbed his wife’s breasts.

However, for his offense, the deputy head is set to keep his job after paying a ZWL40k fine.

According to Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Twitter page, the teacher had tried to reasonably address the matter until the deputy head added salt to the wound by  insulting his wife.

A teacher who beat up his D/Head for grabbing his wife’s breasts has been fired by the @psczimbabwe despite the extenuating circumstances. The D/H has been found guilty in court, and fined RTGS$40K.  The DH (deputy headmaster) grabbed the teacher’s wife’s breasts.

When the husband complained, the DH’s friend then told him, “mazamu emukadzi wako anoshamisirei” or something to that effect.

The aggrieved husband then beat up the DH’s friend. @psczimbabwe apparently thought this was a bigger offence.   The outcome has since sparked protests on Twitter

Gorekore paNyombwe  The outcome is shocking to say the least  Catherine  More details.

Please on the sexual harassment case.   40k & go back to work?  Lawyers in Zim how does it work? Please help

Meanwhile, still on violation of women’s rights, a Zimbabwean woman who is based in Poland is said to have  jumped from the 2nd floor of an apartment after her boyfriend tried to stab her.

The event took place in Lublin on Friday, November 11th and according to findings, the boyfriend who has only been identified as Sebele T, a 26-year-old Zimbabwean, attacked his partner after an argument.

He is said to have struck the woman in the face, torso, and head with his fists. When she tried to flee, he closed the door and threatened to murder her.

He eventually took a knife and attempted to attack the victim with it.  To save her life, the lady opened the balcony door and leapt from the second floor.

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