Olinda Chapel’s Eye Brows Raise After Musicians Fail To Attend Garry Mapanzure’s Funeral

Controversial socialite Olinda Chapel has blasted Zimbabwean musicians for not attending the late singer Garry Mapanzure’s funeral.

Garry was involved in a fatal crash on 12 October 2023 along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway. Their Mazda Demio collided head-on with another Honda CRV. Garry’s friend Langton Mandima and his 3-month-old nephew Kai Mapanzure perished on the spot. The Wapunza crooner died at 3 a.m. at Masvingo Provincial Hospital the following day.

After a heartbreaking funeral service, Garry Mapanzure was buried yesterday afternoon at Loan Cemetery in Masvingo.

His sister tearfully narrated how the poor healthcare system in Zimbabwe led to his brother’s untimely demise. Garry Mapanzure’s wife bitterly sobbed as she sang Makanaka Jesu for mourners in an emotionally charged scene.

Fellow collaborator and rapper Hillzy came from South Africa for the funeral, and Samanyanga Sounds’ Mr Candy also gave a moving speech.

At Garry Mapanzure’s funeral, there were only two musicians: Hillzy and Mr Candy. The rest were conspicuous by their absence despite posting Garry widely on their social media pages.

Zimbabweans expressed pain online at how artists decided to shun Garry Mapanzure. Olinda Chapel took to her Facebook to lash at them.

She ranted:

“I have a very stupid question 🙋‍♀️ I watched Garry’s funeral, and am I the only one who noticed his colleagues in the industry were missing? I mean kasi mu music industry hamunobata maoko ? All those pics you were posting with him were just for clout? Well, I hope vachaenda havo kunobata maoko mazuva anotevera.”

Zimbos Express Mixed Sentiments

People online mostly agreed with Olinda and bashed fellow musicians for shunning Garry Mapanzure’s funeral.


“Zvakaoma people are fake out there. Big up to Hillzy and Mr Candy.”



“Very sad I’m glad I’m not the only one who was asking the question to myself.”



“Hillzy na Mr Candy are the realest the rest rubbish…vamwe nekutomupa ma tribute kukadoma uko kutadza kubva vadarikira kuenda kunhamo.”



“Guys, be fair, most artists had commitments like shows on the day, a few are overseas, etc. kunobata maoko kune timeframe here. Family was organised and burial was quicker so must not have made it possible for people to clear their calendars, etc. I’m sure people will continue kunobata maoko but because they didn’t make it to the burial, havana rudo etc. We need to manage our expectations of people and not pass judgements with limited understanding of individual circumstances.”


“Varikuti vangavarikushow ratove drama havazoenda vese kushow Uru rufu hapangashayike a crew rayienda kuno Mira mirawo 🤔You’re very right Mai Nandi.” iHarare


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