Nyasha David’s Wawa Challenge Goes Viral

Fast rising Zimbabwean RnB artist Nyasha David is proving to be unstoppable after the release of a new banger dubbed Wawa is making waves on social media.

It seems ladies have been taken to task in partaking in the viral Wawa Challenge as they hustle for likes with the comment section voting for their best choice.

Most women are taking to their TikTok to share videos of themselves twerking to trying to conquer the challenge.

The Wawa challenge was first started late last month after the release of the two weeks old song which was directed by Kolektiv Kultur.

Most of the viral videos have caught the attention of dancing enthusiasts prompting them to take to the dance floor, with most in twerking style.

The dance challenge has garnered a lot of attention with some saying it sexually objectifies women since the majority of participants are exposing their derriere.

So far, no celebrity has stepped up to the challenge.

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