None Believes That Our House Girl Raped Me When I Was 20 Years Old – Video

We have covered a lot such stories here, of women who were raped because of various reasons. You probably know them yourself, women are commonly raped instead of men.

But men are not prone to being raped, and there has been instances in which men were raped by women, and this is the case with Onyango Otieno.

Back when he was about 20 years old, the boy saw what she never expected to see in his life. He was raped by the house help who worked at his home.

He recounts what happened at that particular time. “At a time I didn’t know it was sexual abuse. In December, 2009, I was at home with our house helper, and I remember my parents had gone off to work and this house help was still new in our home,” he said.

The woman seduced her and his body froze.

“She prepared tea and mandazi and came closer to me and then started to feed me. I could sense that she was trying to get closer to me. Then after 20 minutes, she was very very near me physically, because I didn’t know what to do, my body just froze,” he narrates.

After that encounter, the house help later got pregnant and informed Onyango’s mother that his son had impregnated her, which was extremely scary to hear.

Onyango’s mother called him at school and informed him that he had impregnated their house help, Onyango was confused since the action that resulted in her pregnancy took place against his will.

That’s why he had an idea to start a centre which would accommodate men with the same problem.

“Many people started to bully me and to tell me that there is no way a man can be raped by a woman, they asked me why I didn’t defend myself, or I am just seeking attention, I must have enjoyed it, or that they wished it was them being raped by a woman,” he said.

“Some men reached out to me and told me that the same instances have happened to them as well, sometimes it was their neighbours, their aunts, their house help and so on,” he added.

He has advised men who were physically raped or abused to free up themselves and speak about it in order to heal.

“To be a man does not mean that you are always strong physically, you can be strong physically but weak emotionally and weak psychologically because of maybe the childhood trauma you have been going through but people will not understand that,” he said.

“So for the men out there who have been suffering in silence for whatever reason, I will say that it might be a time that you open up as well, because it is only continuing to kill us,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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