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Nigerian Kingpin Arrested In India After Running Catering Business As Cover-Up For 4 Years

Frances Nawali alias ‘Frank’, the Nigerian resident who was arr£sted by Zirakpur police was allegedly running a dru.g module – now termed as ‘Frank Module’ by the police – which was involved in making synthetic dr.ugs. The module was expert in making chemical-based drugs. The accused was running a small time catering business to cover up his drug cartel.

Sources in the police told The Indian Express that Frances had come to India in 2019 on a visitors’ visa and staying at Delhi’s Vikas Nagar locality. The accused had revealed that he started supplying dr.ugs around two years ago, but the police sources revealed that Frances was supplying the for roughly the last four years.

“We have been hearing his name for the past around three years. He had become the main supplier of the small time drug dealers who would supply the drugs in Tricity area,” an officer told The Indian Express. The officer further said that Frances was staying in Delhi with his wife and a son, and was running a small time catering business as a cover to his trade.

The police investigation also revealed that Frances was an expert in making chemical-based dr.ugs and in improvising cocaine. The Nigerian was selling the coca!ne to his retailers for Rs 10,000 per gram and they were further selling it to their clients for Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 per gm.

Police sources also claimed that these type of drug dealers call their clients to Delhi’s Vikas Nagar where the pillars of Metro train are used as landmarks for delivering drugs. “They would call their customers at a particular pillar, where the delivery shall be given to them, but this time we laid a trap and made him come out of his place where he was arr£sted,” the officer added.

Apart from the Nigerian, police have so far arr£sted five accused in the case and claimed of recovering 117 gram coca¡ne from them. Police also recovered a .32 bore pistol and Rs 1,04,500 dru.g money.

Police sources also claimed that Nigerian Frances Nawali revealed during the investigation that they were also promoting the ‘Bong’ method to snort cocaine from bottles.

“Bong is an object used in consuming smoke-related substances,” the officer added.

-Indian Express-

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