Netizens Rates Man’s Skills, Builds Washing Line His Wife Saw on Social Media

They do say that a happy wife equals a happy life. One man put this into practice when he built a boujee washing line for his wife that she had seen on social media

Some women want grand gestures while others just want a cool DIY washing line they saw in a video on social media.

Twitter user and proud husband, Kanono Thabane, shared pictures of the washing line his wife requested along with the one that he built her.

The man got his DIY on and we are sure it put a smile on his lady’s face.  He asked people on Twitter to rate his work. While the washing line turned out really well, people decided to tease the man by asking why he left out a few aesthetics like the grass, lol.

Take a look at some of the critiques:

@KabiKolobe said:                                      “The buying and the driving I see. Please share pics of you mounting the structure into the ground Soare ”

@SechogelaPhadim said:                          “It’s beautiful… I’m bookmarking this for the future (I could use the sides to support tomatoes or nasturtiums).”

@ValeTaurai said:                                          “I think you feel the way I always feel when I am asked to do something from the internet and you ace it. However, with me I am very particular down to the last detail. I would even have added that tree ❤️”

@____Fahrenheit said:                               “This is lovely and I wish I could have done this. Would love to meet you guys and share some more of the stories.”

@sbudar007 said:                                    “Great work brother. Now plant some grass there so that your wife doesn’t have to deal with mud.”

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