Netizens In Chaos As Gogo Maweni Reveals How She Bewitches Disrespectful People

Socialite and popular sangoma Gogo Maweni has sent shivers down South Africans’ spines after revealing how she bewitches disrespectful people on her Instagram comments.

The traditional healer has in the past made headlines after she supposedly admitted to “dealing” with her baby daddies footballer Siyabonga Zulu and actor SK Khoza.

Gogo Maweni, who keeps many snakes and an owl as pets, also markets muthi for people with spouses who sleep around and once threatened to traditionally deal with people who might want to steal her man.

The sangoma got social media talking yesterday after she revealed how she deals with people who spew hate and disrespect in the comments on her Instagram account.

She said:

“When I’m bored

  •     I read your comments
  •     I choose the rudest one
  •     I go through that person’s profile
  •     I pick a very, very nice photo of you (sometimes with your boo)
  •     I send my P. A to print it out
  •     I keep it in my Ndumba (ancestral hut).

Practice makes perfect.”

Her Instagram followers were quite startled by this revelation and took to the comments to express their sentiments.

Check them below.


“I had to comment with ❤️❤️❤️❤️ just to be on the safe side 🙌 hello lover of fine things 😍”


“And you think our ancestors will sit back and watch? Ngazo Dlala wena. You’ll become the 1st example to my ancestors.”  luhberries:

“Kahle wena.

You are not God. You are not the only one with ancestors.”


“Gogo dealer with forex traders as well, every post they are advertising lies😂😂😂😂”


“Mmmxmm you are not God wena Maweni. Keep mine in your Ndumba and see what happens.”

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