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National Shutdown: “I Will Arrest Malema For Disrupting Country” – Nhlanhla Lux

The EFF-driven National Shutdown may not be the success it aims to achieve to due South African activist Nhlanhla Lux threatening to arrest party Julius Malema on the day.

Monday, 20 March, the EFF has planned a massive national shutdown which seeks support from all major municipalities. Party leader Julius Malema expressed that this protest would be bigger than Zuma Must Fall.

“To Hell with Julius Malema and his idea of “shutting down South Africa!”

Nhlanhla LuxNhlanhla Lux has encouraged members of society to open cases against Julius Malema should any of their livelihoods be disrupted by the National Shutdown.

“If you get a medical emergency like gogo getting a heart attack on the 20th of March 2023 and an ambulance doesn’t arrive because roads are blocked by the EFF, go open an attempted murder or murder charge against Julius Malema.

Sue him and build your family a house with that money,” he advised.  “COSAS must also encourage all students that won’t be able go to school on that day because of the shutdown to go open a case, the students must sue Julius,” he added.

Nhlanhla Lux went on to say if you have a job interview on that day and can’t make it because roads are closed by the EFF’s National Shutdown… sue Julius!  “You can thank me later for using Julius Malema’s ignorance to make you money.

SAPS will arrest the ignorant EFF leader for incitement of violence, destroying property (vandalism), infringing on other people’s constitutional right of going to school, hospital etc,” he said.

In a video circulating online, Lux also threatened to personally arrest Julius Malema if he finds him infringing on the rights of South Africans on 20 March (National Shutdown).

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