Names Of Harare D.r.u.g Runners Exposed

Cde Never Maswerasei has exposed the individuals behind d. r. u. g cartels in Zimbabwe, who are mainly based in Harare.

He says the proliferation of d. r. u. g

s witnessed is a criminal practice well-coordinated by elites whose intention is to intoxicate all urban youths.

Yesterday, he promised to dish out the information.

“D. R. U. G N. E. T RUNNERS: Tomorrow at 8AM I am giving you the names of all distributors in the various high density suburbs as they are known by locals and what happens with law enforcement on daily basis, ” he said.

In a thread of tweets, he revealed the information today in what he call, a d.r.u.g.n.e.t runners list.

He had this to say;


Harare’s Biggest Runners:

Dhama – Mbare

Lodza – Mbare

Lisho – Glen Norah

Gwinzi – Epworth

Kwaga – Mufakose/Highfield

Kalonji – Msasa Park

Gamber – Highfields

Mai Shanti – Warren Park

Bulawayo’s Biggest Distributor

Raj M (all Malaitsha’s know this).

Dhama has a shop with a shed under which youths relax as they get served d.r.u.g.s. D.r.u.g Unit law enforcement collects between US$10 & US$20 daily from runners. It is a daily routine that cannot be breached. Kids under 10 years in your communities know these runners by name.”




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