“My Worst Experience”: 92-year-old Woman In Pain After Going On Date With Man

A 92-year-old grandmother identified as @grandma_droniak on TikTok has narrated her sad experience with a mystery man.  She revealed that it was her first date in 25 years and she agreed to the date because the man was really handsome.

However, after the date, the furious woman lamented that the man treated her poorly and couldn’t even open the door for her.  She also described him as a ‘rude’ person after watching him speak to a waiter at a restaurant in a harsh manner.

“I just got back from my date and it was not good. He didn’t even look at my outfit and said that it looks pretty. He was rude to the waiter. He was just a rude person.

“He didn’t even hold the door for me like a gentleman should. Bottom line he wasn’t a gentleman. Not my type and he was shorter than me. And I did not give him a kiss. No way.”

Social media reactions

@bambi6897 said:

“I’m sorry he was rude but you look absolutely gorgeous. I love your outfit.”

@badassmotherrunnerog stated:

“My husband still opens my door for me after 21 years of marriage.”

@taylorwebb76 reacted:

“You remind me so much of my own grandmother and I am all for it! Love your videos!”

@roxane22150 noted:

“You deserve better and I hope you find the right man that treats you like a queen.”

@jeanettelt14 added:

“He didn’t even compliment you on your outfit. Red flag right there. You look beautiful. His loss.”

@kikie_clie added:

“Grandma l would really love to see that beautiful face when you were younger if you don’t mind.”

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