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When Veronica Dawudi Kiremi married her best friend she knew since she was in senior four, she felt fulfilled and happier than ever. The 32 year old from Arusha, Tanzania, has done well to protect herself and she felt a man she was now calling her husband was worth every sacrifice she bore.

Little did she know that the husband had another hidden character, and that would come to end their blissful marriage. The hard working man has managed to gather some good wealth, doing business in places like Dubai and generally being able to afford his bills so comfortably.

But deep down, the man had a bad character of being so jealous. He would fume every time she finds her wife talking to other people, including her siblings and family.

It was actually a crime for Veronica, who is a professional teacher for seven years, to talk openly to her colleagues, as it would fuel jealousy from his husband, and so she would try as much to restrain herself from long dialogues with them.

Veronica’s husband had been cheating her for a while, and because of that guilt, according to Veronica, he has been accusing her of the same practice in ‘virtue revenge.’

Veronica has never been a cheater and her husband has failed to produce any tangible facts to prove her, other than fuming at her and forbidding her from talking to almost everyone, from colleagues to siblings and other close friends.

There was a point where Veronica’s husband would rage after learning that she was talking to her mother, which he interpreted as a plot design to knock him down. He would feel the same when Veronica was talking privately to her sister, and it just kept getting worse and worse.

At work, her boss was also bearing the brunt of the jealous husband. The man was accusing school officials to overwork her wife, given that she was teaching during holidays. He openly went to the school officials and publicly shamed them, even if they tried their very best to explain how the teaching was supposed to improve the grades of the poor-performing students, which, in turn, would positively affect the whole school.

The reason might be understandable but all Veronica’s husband was thinking was that her wife is just having an affair with her boss at school, which he couldn’t prove despite his best efforts. For instance, he would go to do his business in Dar-es Salaam and Dubai then come back after weeks or months, entering the house with no prior mention to her wife, in the hope that he will catch her red handed.

The jealous to kill

It was one afternoon when Veronica was asked by her boss to bring a national ID, which was needed at work. It was an easy request since Veronica’s home was 15 minutes walk away from the school. She would just walk there and back in time to fullfil her duties.

That noon was quite unusual. When Veronica entered the compound, she could see something unusual as there was such a total quietness which was just abnormal at their home, as their family was raising two young boys. The music was mute now, the circular movements were dead, it was just unusual.

So when Veronica reached home, she sensed something wrong, and her first instinct urged her to call her maid, Rahma, to investigate what was wrong. Little did she know that her husband had just locked everyone in the room, in robust preparation of the worst thing he was committed to make.

The man has been sharpening his machetes for hours now, and was so keen to attack her wife as soon she entered the compound. By the time she arrived, the man emerged from the house with a machete in one hand, wearing black suit and shoes.

Veronica ran for her life, screaming to the top of her voice, but her pace could not outpace her husband’s, and thus the inevitable would just happen.

“It is something I’ll never forget,” she said in agony. “He ran towards me, and as any other person when danger comes, you run away, but however much I could run I wasn’t going to run faster than him, and he attempted to cut the head, the machete caught the arm and the back where I have a lot of scars.”

That part caught by the machete was then removed, and the blood flowing out her body was so much that she was barely going to make it, if it wasn’t for friends who came just in time to save her and detain her husband.

“I screamed for help and people showed up and stopped him before he killed me. He tried to escape but people were there to catch him and next was going to the police to report everything that had happened,” she recounted.

For two months, Veronica was lying in a hospital bed, unable to do most of the things herself. After recovering, she was back to school to continue her lifelong passion of teaching.

Up to now, however, she is brutally despised of anything resembling a man, let alone the idea of remarrying again. She is now processing her divorce and she plans to happily raise her two sons, a work she is sharing with her mother whom they live together now.

She is also moving on with her career, and she has adapted to use one arm to fulfil her duties, with no complaint. She is actually using her disability to teach her pupils how disabilities shouldn’t equate inability.

Veronica is also using her experience to advise young females to speak up against domestic violence in order to build better communities which are suitable to raise the next generation.

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