My ex husband’s ex -lover asked a witchdoctor to k!ll or make me run mad – wife tells court

THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court was yesterday heard a testimony from a woman who narrated how her husband’s ex-lover went to see a witchdoctor and asked him to either k!ll her or make her run mad so that she can get back with her spouse.


Hope Chinyimba-Nkomanga, a teacher, testified that the witchdoctor then asked Mainess Mumba to leave the former’s phone number so that he could perform the ritual of k!lling or making her insane.


She was testifying in a case Ms Mumba has sued her and her husband Burton Nkomanga, a banker, for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.


Ms Mumba narrated that the couple beat her up on March 20 this year after she concluded conducting prayers around 01:30hours at Crossroads, Chelstone Obama.


Earlier last month, the victim, a 28-year-old businesswoman of Chamba Valley, testified that Ms Nkomanga, 33, also accused her of bathing in charms and attempting to k!ll the couple.


But during continued trial yesterday, Ms Nkomanga said on March 19 this year around 12:00, a witchdoctor from Kafue phoned her.


“I asked where he got my number and he told me that he got it from Mainess. The witchdoctor narrated to me that Mainess Mumba told him that she wanted me dead or run mad so that she can remain with my husband,” she said.


The court heard that the witchdoctor also informed her that he had viewed her in his magic mirror carrying a baby the time Ms Mumba gave him particulars of the person she wanted dead.


“The witchdoctor said he noticed that Ms Mumba’s intentions were not pure. He then tricked her and asked her to leave my phone number and other details with him so that he can put it in a calabash and work on k!lling me or make me to go mad so that she can be with my husband,” she said.


Ms Nkomanga told the court that she had audio recordings and video evidence.


She also earlier narrated how Ms Mumba was found naked outside the couple’s house on March 20 this year.


“On the material day, I woke up heading to the Kitchen around 01:00hours to make baby formula. I heard guys making noise and banging an object against the gate,” Ms Nkomanga said.


She said when her husband and a neighbour, Mr Kennedy, went to check what was happening, the found Ms Mumba.


“I also went outside, Ms Mumba had clothes in her hands. I was shocked and asked what she was doing there and she couldn’t explain and started crying,” Ms Nkomanga said.


She said Ms Mumba knelt and apologised for dating her husband, whose phone number she got from a home shop owner in the neighbourhood before the two started communicating.

“I told her to dress up,” Ms Nkomanga said.

Trial continues on October 30 this year. Zambian Observer


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