My boyfriend is 33 years older than me – I was going to be the ultimate gold-digger and milk him dry but I fell in love

A WOMAN has admitted she intended to milk her boyfriend dry – but ended up falling in love despite the 33-year age gap.


Carrie Leigh, 30, first met Randy, 63, and his wallet on Tinder after she maxed out the age limit on the app to match with more guys.

She fired up a conversation with the old man after learning how frequently Randy goes on vacations – and thought it was going to be a “business transaction”.


The 30-year-old was heavily influenced by Randy’s lavish lifestyle – most of which came from the sales work he did during the day.


She decided to engage in a transactional relationship where she could get what she wanted and please the old guy in return.


And things worked out as she planned.


On most days, Carrie with a dry wallet would drop Randy texts asking for money.


She even got a BMW from him just so she could ditch her walk to work.


In a YouTube video shared by Love Don’t Judge, Carrie said: “What attracted me the most was his frequent holidays.


“My first intentions were to milk him dry – I wanted to get from him what I could and peace out.


“I certainly thought it was going to be a business transaction with him.”


Life was smooth for Carrie who decided to meet the old man in person for the first time after a year of dating long-distance.


She said: “I decided to meet him in person because my life was getting a bit better because of him.


“He was helping me out long distance and I felt sorry I was not doing anything for him.”


Recalling their first meet, Randy, who has two sons older than Carrie, said he was in awe of the young woman.


He said: “When I first met her I was like ‘wow – she’s hot’.”


The old guy fell hard for Carrie’s beauty, and decided to solve all her problems – especially the ones revolving around money.


He asked her to make a list of all her worries and reassured her he would tick off the list completely.


“He said to me, ‘If you give me a year, I’ll change your life’,” described Carrie.


But soon came the day when Carrie realised she was not with her boyfriend just for the sake of money – and her relationship could mean more to her.


While Carrie now claims she is no longer exploiting Randy for his money, social media users see it otherwise – and most of them assume her to be a “gold digger with daddy issues”.


Carrie described how she has caught many people pointing her out in public.


She said: “I’ve seen them make fun of us, especially me.


“Many times during lunch at restaurants, the waiter would ask me what drink would my dad like to have.


“Most of the time, I let it go and just end it by giving Randy an awkward kiss after the meal. ”


Randy too believes the young woman, who once wanted to milk him dry, has had a change of heart.


“I don’t think Carrie is using me for my money because I’ve seen a change in the way she treats me.


In the beginning, yes but in the last two or three years, no.”


Speaking on the popular YouTube video, Carrie quipped: “To the haters, I like the attention, baby.”


To which Randy added: “And I have it, and she comes home with me every night.”


Carrie now claims she is no more with her boyfriend for money but people think otherwise. Sun



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