Mudiwa Hood Launches An Entrepreneurial Club For All Universities

MUSICIAN and businessman, Mudiwa Hood, is set to launch an entrepreneurial club at all universities.  ‌

It is dubbed The Billionaire Academy Club.

The move is aimed at increasing the economic citizenship of children and the youths.

Hood argued that most students are quite sharp at school but lack the fundamental skills of making money and mastering life since it is not taught at school.  “I wrote this book for the students, while they are still at school they should know how to make money.

“After having visited so many schools and universities in the country, I noticed that most, if not all our clubs, are foreign-owned.  “Most information is not relative to our day-to-day lives.

“Education 5.0 is good, but during clubs in schools, foreign doctrines and information is still being planted in our children,” he said.

He said it was high time students learn about relevant stuff, which can help them in future.  “Your child knows more about NSSA and astronomy than agriculture, mining, and in fact the lithium that is lying in his father’s yard.

“I have come up with a club called BAC (Billionaire Academy Club), its aim is to increase the economic citizenship of children, youths and young adults in our institutions, primary, high school and all tertiary institutions.”

He said the club will be helping students in every area, including mental health, life skills, business leadership and career paths.

“It’s so painful for a 20 A -Level pointer student to only know so much about academics, and no idea about making money, or a first-class university graduate, who only thinks his hope only lies in getting a job after graduation.  “The BAC will also touch on mental health.

Suicidal cases and violence has increased over the years and the club will also help students gain personal and social competence.

“So, The Billionaire Academy Club is simply an entrepreneurial club that will be owned by the (school/ varsity), entirely run by students and powered by the Mudiwa Hood Institute,” he said.

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