Mpilo Hospital infant de@ths raise eyebrows

BULAWAYO’S largest referral health institution, Mpilo Central Hospital is in the eye of a storm after some women claimed they suspiciously lost their new-born babies at the health centre.

Immediately after losing their babies, undertakers reportedly approached them offering their services.

“There is a lady who lost her infant and immediately after learning of the death, a lady from a funeral parlour came touting her services,” a source told Southern Eye. “There seems to be collusion between ward staff and funeral parlours. I know it’s an emotional issue, but it deserves investigation.”

Another woman who claimed to be a victim, speaking on condition of anonymity, said after being admitted to the hospital last month, she gave birth to a baby girl, but lost the baby under unclear circumstances.

“I was operated on by a doctor (name supplied) after being harassed by the staff. I saw my child and she was in good shape. One of the nurses took my daughter to the next room and I remained behind,” she said.

She said she asked student nurses to check on her baby and the feedback was that her daughter was fine.

“I made several efforts to check if the baby was fine and I was told she was fine. My sister then visited around 1pm and that is when we were told that the child had di£d. They said my child was not normal,” she added.

Immediately after that, she was approached by a funeral parlour (name supplied) advertising its services.

Contacted for comment, Mpilo Hospital chief medical officer Narcacius Dzwanga professed ignorance over the issue.

“Where did you get the information?” Dzwanga said.


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