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Mother Of Girl Beaten To D£ath Speaks

NOMSA Sibanda, the mother of four-year-old Princess Shoko, has spoken about her heartbreak.

Princess was beaten to d£ath by a runaway couple, Nomsa’s sister, Lister Sibanda and her husband, John Zvivi.

Princess’ body was found on August 2 in Kuwadzana Extension where she stayed with the evil couple and her six-year-old sister.

Nomsa left her two daughters in their custody while she worked as a maid in South Africa.

The couple subjected the two minors to abuse, brutalising them with electrical cables and a walking stick.

The six-year-old was left with bruises all over her body and is currently receiving medical attention at a local hospital.

Her medical report stated that she sustained broken ribs.

Nomsa told H-Metro at Parirenyatwa Hospital yesterday that Lister had informed her that Princess had died from “spiritual” attacks.

She said she received the news of Princess’ d£ath while on her way to Zimbabwe to collect her.

She had planned to take Princess to stay with her in South Africa, and leave the six-year-old in custody of her father.

“The day I received the news, I was on my way to Zimbabwe to take my daughter with me because my sister had been calling me saying that Princess was having spiritual attacks.

“While on the way, the husband called and told me not to bother coming as they had everything under control.

“He said that I should not waste money, but rather send the money to them for the upkeep of my children.

“I had an argument with him, and he kept sending WhatsApp audio messages saying I should go back.

“In the evening he told me that my daughter was dead.

“I was so shocked because he had assured me that she was feeling better,” said Nomsa.

When she arrived in Harare, Lister told her that they had already buried Princess.

Nomsa said she pleaded with Lister to take her to Princess’ grave, but the husband said it was impossible as they had no money for transport.

“She told me that she was d£ad, but the neighbours were told a different story.

“One of the neighbours was told that Princess was visiting her grandmother.”

Princess’ body was later found in a sack by someone, who is yet to give a statement to the police.

The couple denied k!lling Princess, but confirmed stuffing the minor’s remains in a sack and dumping them.

Her body was found in a stream along the Harare-Bulawayo Road, between Kuwadzana Extension and Glaudina.


-H Metro-


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