‘Month Of March It’s A Month Not Only To Celebrate Womanhood, But To Embrace Our Feminism’

TODAY is International Women’s Day – a day dedicated to all women across the globe.

We spoke to some of our leading women yesterday and this is what they said:

l Philanthropist and show host, Mai Chisamba

“It’s a good day, we feel loved. And this is good since it’s an international day meaning it doesn’t segregate. Be it a woman in Africa or Europe, we are one. The world has become a global village and no woman should be left out or left behind. As we embrace equity, we should not look down on ourselves.”


l Delta Corporation Limited General Manager – Corporate Affairs, Patricia Murambinda

“The International Women’s Day carries a lot of importance to both women and girls as it highlights the achievements of women, both past and present, who have helped build and mould our homes, culture, businesses, communities, the government and the country.

“There are still equity gaps across the globe in educational outcomes and student success metrics. Women and girls have less access to education and healthcare, too often lack economic autonomy and are under represented at decision-making levels.

“Women face quite a number of challenges, namely lack of resources, lack of information, lack of education, respect for cultural values and beliefs, and gender discrimination.”l Radio Producer and Presenter, Rumbidzai Matinanga

“The month of March is a celebration of womanhood, the many hats worn by a woman are mother, aunt, business partner, permanent house help, wife. So, it’s a month not only to celebrate, but to embrace our feminism.

“It is one of the many positive gestures society does to validate the importance of the girl child. That affirmation is important to help the girl child accept nothing less than to be treated as a human being and know they have the same rights as any other human being

“We also want equal opportunities in the workplace. Recently, someone close to me lost their job after going on maternity leave. The government should have laws to protect women from such actions, and there should be equal pay for the same jobs.”

l Feli Nandi – Fashionista/artist

“International Women’s Day is very important to us as we get to be celebrated. I believe as women in the arts and in different walks of life, we face a lot of challenges every single day and are appreciated less.

“So having a day that remembers the effort we put in almost everything we do is very much appreciated. We feel honoured as women. I will be giving a 20 percent discount in our showrooms for our queens as a way of showing them how special they are.”

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