“Mnangagwa-Huchi” Chanter awarded US$700 and a House Promise

Bobby Makaza, a convict who was released from jail during the presidential amnesty, has been reportedly promised a house by Deputy sports minister Tinomudaishe Machakaire.

Additionally, Bobby was allegedly given US$700 to help him start a new life.

Minister Machakaire Gives Freed "Mnangagwa-Huchi" Convict US$700, Promises Him A House
Minister Machakaire Gives Freed “Mnangagwa-Huchi” Convict US$700, Promises Him A House
Image Credit: @snowballOfficia/ Twitter

Minister Machakaire’s promise of a house to Bobby Makaza follows his video going viral, in which he candidly expressed his struggles and the challenges of not having a starting point, as reported by Zimcelebs.

After the news was shared, a multitude of individuals expressed their concerns and refrained from celebrating, as they raised questions about the hardships endured by the family of Bobby Makaza’s victim.

­Below are some of the comments on Twitter.

So after raping a young girl, he gets an amnesty and then a house. So what do we call this?? Grace.
Is this not Bobby Makaza? He raped a 10-year-old and threatened to kill her with an axe. And he was realised into the same community after just 3 years. He is still threatening them because they got him arrested. This is pure evil I don’t understand how he got amnesty.
You guys have no shame. This is something to celebrate? Rapists (paedophiles) getting rewarded. At least we know what you all stand for
We reward pedophiles now? There’s nothing to rejoice here. This is sheer madness, a sham!!!!!


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