Mliswa Speaks On Winky D Songs, Sikhala Freedom

Independent MP-Norton has commented on the controversial Winky D songs citing how they come into play at a time when activists like Job Sikhala are politically imprisoned.

In a thread of tweets, the businessman had this to say:

“What @winkydonline is doing as an artist I wish churches would be able to do as religious institutions. Standing in the gap and raising focus on pressing societal issues impartially. Local churches and their leaders have really been a big let-down in this country.”

“…Church leaders, as man of God, should be able to approach political leaders and unequivocally state the evilness or goodness of anything. However we lack religious men with such spines. Many are content to eat in silence without seeking accountability from leaders.”

“…Currently we have Hon @JobSikhala1 languishing in prison, over 200 days without bail, and yet the many men of God in this country cannot even speak out against this evil. Positions of influence come with responsibility. Being silent in the face of such evil is irresponsibility!”

“…A church is supposed to be the impartial arbiter of any differences we may have as politicians. It should restrain us from our primeval excesses. However when itself it becomes consumed by natural passions it ceases to be a true church. It becomes just another organisation.”

“…The church was instrumental in the liberation struggle. It remains relevant today. I hope to see churches standing up and speak against the ills saying this is against the constitution or the ambit of democracy.”

“…The church is supposed to be the conscience of society. It shouldn’t fold its hands unless it is corrupt& conflicted itself. I have been an advocate of the 2nd Republic& want to see it fulfil its promises. That can only happen with us seeking accountability in its actions.”

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