Mliswa Speaks On Alledged Wadyajena In Paris For Valentine’s Case

Independent Norton MP, Themba Mliswa has spoken with regards the pictures circulating on social media which were posted on Valentine’s day by style philosopher Natalie Mhandu with the man’s face hidden.

She was enjoying the moments in Paris according to the Instagram posts.

After thorough investigations by social media fanatics,conclusive allegations are that the Valentine’s suitor in the pictures is Nembudziya Legislature Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

Mliswa had this to say;

“It’s disturbing that we still have people voting for politicians like these. This is a guy who has been involved in a US$5 million Cottco case which has disenfranchised many farmers. Here he is lavishly spending the money in a foreign land while we say we are fighting corruption.

Back here the people he swindled are suffering the effects and there has been no accountability. Why do people still vote for such?

As the electorate are you not partly to blame when you get low standard leaders because of your voting choices?Are you not culpable when you get angry and violent on behalf of politicians who are actually destroying the country and only remember you when they need your vote?

Wadyajena has been Chairman of the Agriculture Portfolio Committee for about 5 years and in that period has only submitted requisite reports only two times! The incompetence and condescension is shocking. He seldom attends Parliament and never contributes to the debates.

I have called for a reshuffle of these Committees because many are no longer useful. They are compromised and ineffectual. Some no longer abide by the dictates of Parliament and don’t submit any reports as required.

When was the last time you ever saw Wadyajena’s contribution in the National Assembly? And yet people vote for such! Recently images were posted of the atrocious roads in his constituency. Nothing has been done about that and he massages the people with cheap goodies for votes.Why is the electorate so gullible and cheap? Mungavotera vanhu vakadai?

They can afford to frolick around in foreign lands and yet tell you the West is evil and sanctions have destroyed the country. How is he in an evil nation now, if it’s so bad?At one time he created a blockade at Tagwirei’s office to extort money and called it an out of court settlement. Even more disturbing is how the party, ZANU PF, remains quiet in the face of such conduct.

Some church leaders are also known to be paid to offer support for these type of politicians. It’s shocking. There is no longer any boundary of principles dictating proper conduct.These are people who shouldn’t be voted for. They lie about being close to the President and use that to forge ahead of the pack.

The name of the First Family should be protected from such. Dai tese taitaura zvabva kuna President zvaifamba sei?You can’t be a politician whose sole ability and capacity is to name drop. Stand on your own works in the community.”

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