Minnie Dlamini Takes A Moment to Appreciate Her Voluptuous Figure

It goes without saying that Minnie Dlamini has such a hot body. She has curves in the right places, has a tiny waist, and who can forget her most gorgeous feature, her legs.


Many women, no matter how hot they are, still feel some type of way after having kids. Because of some changes in their bodies, they see themselves as no longer attractive. Some even stop wearing certain outfits because of insecurities.


For Minnie though, it is a different story. The celebrated TV personality, actress, MC and entrepreneur loves her body to bits. After having her son Netha Jones three years back, Minnie got back into shape and started slaying as she used to. She still serves us nothing but sexy bikini goal, rocks short dresses, wear bicycle shorts, and any tight fitting outfit you can think of.


Recently Minnie took to social media to gush over her body. Now that she carried a child for nine months, she appreciates what her body can do, and feels even more beautiful. Another inspirational fact is that Minnie is no loner obsessed with meeting societal standards and expectations of what her body should look like.


“The older I get the more I love my body!!! After having my son and seeing the amazing things my body can do, I have an unimaginable appreciation for it. My body is much more beautiful to me than it has ever been.

The reality is things aren’t the same, but this is the youngest my body will ever be!!! I spent my 20s self conscious and obsessed with meeting societal standards and expectations of what my body should look like, and looking back I’m like “girl you were perfect and you missed it!” So I’ve decided to love my body now more than ever before,” Minnie said. Youth Village


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