Mexican Mayor Marries Crocodile – Gets Hospitalized After Bitten By Lover

In what some might call an unlikely romantic match, a Mayor of a small Mexican town and a ‘princess girl’ caiman wearing a wedding dress have tied the knot.

Victor Hugo Sosa, mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a town of Indigenous Chontal people in the Tehuantepec isthmus of Mexico, explained ‘you can’t have a marriage without love’ after he said ‘I do’ to the reptile named Alicia Adriana.

As onlookers clapped and danced in celebration, the mayor and others embraced Alicia, who was wearing a floral headband, as part of the 230-year-old ancestral.

Days after their wedding, the mayor has been hospitalized after being bitten by his love( A crocodile he married as a ritual :- to bring good fortune).

However, Hugo was advised never to untie it’s mouth, and he was advised to call qualified vet offices to feed it every time he wanted to feed.

The husband defied the advise and tried to feed his love but unfortunately woke up in hospital.

The first question he asked was ” donde está mi amor?” , meaning where is my love?.

Doctors say he is in a stable condition and his love has since been released to the wild.


Times Of Malawi

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