Men Advised To Spend On Their Parents First Before Slay Queens

Thousands of internet commenters have been quick to call out men to treat their mothers first before spending on slay-queens especially on Valentine’s.

The debate rooted from a viral post circulating on social media where a mother was taken out for spoils putting social media critics to task.

The pictures show the parent enjoying KFC treats, shopping as she selects new clothes and shoes from a boutique.

The post has received a thousand votes and comments in the last hours of today.

Read some of the comments below from Twitter users;

“I love this but I don’t like people who post such special moments on social media. Is anything sacred anymore,”- @MoreTwoLyf.

“It should be a habit and not clout chasing missions, ” – @advocate_of_men.

“While they are still alive,” – @TyaniLuyanda.

“I’d love to spoil my mom. But black tax is a thing. Why should I send a quarter of My salary home. And when I go visit. She still wants me to take her out. Idk it just doesn’t sit right w me, ” – @klein,_juffie.

“Kfc and ice cream are a bad way to care for elderly..diabetes and high blood pressure are not a joke,” – @moafrika.

“That’s nice. Instead of buying slay queens iPhone. ” – @kilomatome.

Some who are mostly on the receiving end have issued a myriad of complains citing how Valentine’s is for girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife.

Some suggested the issue of parents should be reserved for parents’ special day for example Father and Mother’s day.

However for those brave enough to weather such storms, said there is need to create a balance and not wait for man-made calendar schedules.

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