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Media Advised To Cautiously Handle Murder Suspect Muvhevhi’s Scandal

The Information Secretary Nick Mangwana has advised media to be careful when making posts with reference to crime related individuals lest it overhype their actions imitating heroship.

He also urged information distributors to be sensitive with regards considering and protecting the mental being of the victims’ families.

“I think the Media has to be careful on the way they are covering this story. There is a risk of creating a celebrity or folk hero out of a possible cold blooded, sociopathic killer. There are families whose lives have been irreversibly damaged by his actions. Be sensitive to them,” tweeted the government spokesperson.

The advice has been triggered by individuals sourcing and sharing the suspect’s picture before a few brushes with the law.

This information comes after the ex-figitive and former Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officer, Jaison Muvhevhi was arrested in Mozambique in an attempt to escape his alleged killing of a prophet, top cop and barman.

Muvhevhi is still in the hands of detectives.

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