Marshmallow challenge k!lls at least four people

A hazardous game in which people take turns putting as many marshmallows as possible into their mouths before trying to talk has resulted in a number of casualties.

Two friends sitting together decide to play a game, a simple game which requires only a bag of marshmallows.

The first begins by placing as many of the small sweet treats in their mouth as they can, another one, another one, another one. When they can fit no more and their jaws are full of marshmallows, they attempt to say a phrase and they both begin to laugh as they cannot do it.

However, on at least four occasions the laughter has very quickly turned to horror when they choked on the gooey substance and were unable to be saved.

Where did the game originate?

The game has origins from a 1959 Peanuts strip in which Snoopy’s mouth is slowly filled with a number of marshmallows while Charlie Brown keeps count. However, more recently, it was further popularised by the stars of Love island who took part in a similar challenge. As well as the marshmallow challenge it is also known as chubby bunny or buddy.


Sadly, it can very quickly get out of hand if one of the treats drops into an airway, meaning the person cannot breathe.

Has anyone been hurt?

Sadly, yes.


Natalie Buss d!ed at a South Wales rugby club fundraiser in which she had to stuff as many of the fluffy sweets in her mouth as she could last weekend. Witnesses said she was laughing as she started the challenge but they turned to tears when the 37-year-old mum-of-two choked and collapsed at the event and was pronounced dead.


Mia Austin d!ed in 2019 after trying the challenge with two friends, inspired by seeing it on the reality series. The 30-year-old, who had “locked-in syndrome” – a rare, debilitating condition causing full-body paralysis – choked after she similarly attempted to fit as many marshmallows in her mouth as she could.

Mum Carol told an inquest: “Apparently on Love Island they did a marshmallow challenge, you put marshmallows in the mouth. That’s what she wanted to do with two friends.” Ms Austin’s carer had offered to cut up the sweet before trying it, but she had declined.

In September 12, 2006, Janet Rudd, 32, died taking part in a challenge and in 1999, Catherine Fish choked on four marshmallows while playing the game at school. Her parents later appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to warn of the dangers. Mirror

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