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Married Woman Removes Panties At Village Court, Places Them On Head Of Side Lover To Confirm They Were Sleeping Together

A Penhalonga man recently got more than what he had bargained for after his married lover removed her panties and placed them on his head to prove that they had been intimate.

Appearing before Chief Mutasa’s community court recently, Justice Makina was left with egg on his face after the woman only identified as Mai Ndebvu removed her panties, walked to where he was seated and placed the underwear on his head.

The court process continued with Makina donning Mai Ndebvu’s panties until Chief Mutasa made his ruling.

Makina was ordered to compensate his friend, Christopher Ndebvu, with two cattle, a goat and a rooster for sleeping with his wife.

Appearing before Chief Mutasa, Ndebvu said Makina took advantage of his fall-out with his wife to lure her into bed.

Ndebvu said Makina made his wife believe that he could secure her some employment in Chikanga, Mutare.

“I had a fight with my wife and she left our matrimonial home. I tried to look for her in vain. I was advised to seek spiritual help. The spiritual healer told me to brace myself for a shocker regarding my wife’s shenanigans.

“Makina is my friend and I would confide in him. During my wife’s absence, he would come to my house to ask me whether she had returned, yet he knew where she was,” said Ndebvu.

He said he was tipped of the lovebirds’ affair by Makina’s wife.

“Three days after meeting the spiritual healer, Makina’s wife came to my home. She asked me if I knew that my wife was having an affair with her husband. I was stunned and she cautioned me against overreacting, but to get to the bottom of the matter. She asked me to invite her husband to my place for further inquiries since we were friends,” he said.

Ndebvu said when he confronted Makina over the matter, he confirmed that he was dating her.

“I called Makina and told him that I wanted to see him urgently about a work-related project. When he came, I locked the door and checked for my wife’s phone number in his contact list. My wife’s number was saved as Mukudzei, which is my child’s name.

“I inquired what he was discussing with my wife when he knew that I had been looking for her all along. He told me that he had secured employment for her in Chikanga. They have been seeing each other at the Chikanga house. He took me to where my wife was staying and I took her back home,” said Ndebvu.

Ndebvu said on their way back, Makina forced Mai Ndebvu to admit to the affair after telling her that he had already confessed.

Ndebvu also said Makina offered him a television set as compensation for the affair.

“Makina and his wife gave me a television set as compensation for sleeping with my wife. They asked me not to tell anyone as it would bring shame to their family. I agreed, but later realised that I had made a mistake. I reported the issue to our headman,” said Ndebvu.

Mai Ndebvu confirmed that she had an affair with Makina for material benefits.

Justice Makina with the pant placed on his head

“After securing a job for me, he came to my workplace and said that I owed him a lot since he had taken me out of poverty. He said we should have an affair. I succumbed to his demands and we slept together,” said Mai Ndebvu.

However, Makina denied having an affair with Mai Ndebvu before the court.

“We grew up together in the same community and she is my neighbour. She also works for my grandmother. I never had an affair with her. I had the shock of my life when Ndebvu accused me of having an affair with his wife,” said Makina.

“I met Mai Ndebvu in Penhalonga while I was talking with my grandmother who was looking for a domestic worker. Mai Ndebvu heard our conversation and asked if I could link her up with my grandmother. She talked to my grandmother and she was offered the job,” he said.

“When it comes to these allegations, Ndebvu called me to come to his house. He took my phone, locked the door, looked for a machete and a sack. He threatened to kill me if I did not confess to sleeping with his wife. He asked me why I had secured employment for his wife and kept it a secret. He also threatened to kill me if I did not take him to his wife. I got my phone and called a taxi to take us to Chikanga. He confiscated the phone again,” said Makina.

He claimed that Ndebvu and his wife connived to extort money from him using the alleged affair.

“The couple wanted US$700 as compensation for the alleged affair. They wanted to share the money equally. Ndebvu’s second wife is the one who told my wife about the plan and I had to act.

“They have been doing this to a lot of people. The wife befriends the intended targets and her husband accuses the men of dating his wife. The wife will confirm the alleged affair.”

Makina added: “He takes advantage of married people who do not want to be exposed or entangled in such allegations. Everyone knows that this man is lazy and uses his wife to extort money.

“He survives on duping people. The weaklings just succumb to his evil machinations. I will not pay compensation for something that I did not do,” he said.

However, things took a nasty turn when Ndebvu’s wife removed her panties and placed them on Makina’s head as confirmation of the affair.


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