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Man Wrongly Jailed For Life In 1983 Finally Declared Innocent, Released

A 69-year-old man has regained his freedom 38 years after he was wrongly imprisoned.Wydermye was killed in 1983 by a single shot to the head after being assaulted. Hastings was arrested for the crime and charged, resulting in his conviction in 1988 when he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But a new DNA test conducted on seme’n found on a mouth swab taken from the victim revealed that a different person committed the murder.

The person suspected of having committed the crime is named Kenneth Packnett and he died in prison in 2020, Daily Mail reports.Since his arrest in 1983, Hastings has maintained his innocence and kept looking for ways to prove it and upturn his conviction.

The new discovery led to the release of Hastings after he was declared innocent of the allegations.

After his release in Los Angeles, Hastings said he is not bitter against anyone. He said he would proceed to enjoy his life now that he finally has the chance to do so.

His words:

“It means a lot. I’m grateful for the judge’s ruling, and the apologies – everything has been wonderful today. I’m ready to move on with my life. I’m a happy man today. I am not standing up here a bitter man, but I just want to enjoy my life now while I have it.”

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