Man Who Worked for 20 Years in Canada Returns Home, Says He Regrets Going

A middle-aged man has said he regrets relocating to Canada and working there for two decades.

Why man regrets relocating to Canada The migrant stated that if he had stayed back in his country, his life would have been much better. He revealed that he had to travel home and work there for seven years before his life improved. My wife and I have been receiving threatening messages – Visita Keep Watching The man added that he used the money he had made in his country to buy two properties in Canada with cash.

Many people wondered why he returned to Canada if his home country was as good as he claimed.

We compiled some of the reactions below:

brrrrr: “Finally, people are seeing it.”

philpain656 said: “Make money in Canada and live in another country.”

Daveysclavey: “Imagine what it’s like for people who don’t have a “home country” to return to.”

Suleman said: “Most probably, it’s the 20 years he spent in Canada that taught him how to make that much money in only 7 years back home.”

David Turcotte: “So much missing from this story. What did he do in the Caribbean to make that much money in 7 years?”

Vitor Farias: “Me debating going to Canada, then this shows up.”

sarafgj745: “Been in Canada for less than two years. No matter how difficult it might be here, it will be better than my home country.”

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